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Getting to Know Us, Getting to Know All About Us...

Hey there, we're HardHut Studios and we're your friendly neighborhood Design & Construction buddy.
We're a husband-wife, architect & interior designer tandem yearning to make this process as easy-breezy as possible for anyone.

Our story began during the 1990’s, when the 1st Gen founded a design + build firm. Eventually, the company developed an expertise in residential design and construction, and began taking more ambitious undertakings in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Now, as the 2nd Generation takes over the business, HardHut Studios evolved to what it is now. With a team of designers and builders, HardHut Studios rebranded the traditional design and construction service, and turned it into a more refreshing presence.

Today, we employ the same construction team who have been around in the past 25 years, as we try to modernize, strategize, and value engineer the design-build experience. We are learning and improving, one project at a time, while bringing international design, standards, and experience into the mix.


 Our mission – to modernize and simplify the design-construction process, one project at a time. While increasing approachability and accessibility, we aim to cater to everyone, and most importantly to the new wave of tech-savvy millennial developers.

 Presence and being hands-on are essential to a business such as design and construction. We aim to provide both, while executing on-call service to the client.


 Architecture + Interior Design + Build are at the core of our services, in redefining the approach to the practice. Mixing our Singapore experience, New York education and almost 25 years of construction experience in the Philippines, we aim to bring a refreshing take in the design and build realm.

Now, here we are, in full swing, ready to collaborate, design, and build! 

Hit us up, let's grab coffee, and tell us your dreams.

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